About the Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program and Certificate

The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program is a collaboration of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire and the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire.
The development and delivery of the program was made possible by the generosity of Timberland.
The Certificate – a noncredit, professional certificate program – was designed in response to demand from the business community to fill the corporate social responsibility education gap between what one might learn through a one day conference and a graduate school program.
The Sustainability Leadership Certificate provides a rich, tactical education and experience of corporate sustainability that participants can leverage to benefit their businesses. The network and contacts generated through this peer cohort model will not only enrich the experience of the Sustainability Leadership Program, but will also support participants as they return to their home institutions to design, implement, grow, and evaluate their corporate sustainability initiatives. For more information, please contact info@sustainabilitycertificate.org.