The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program is held at UNH's new LEED-certified Paul College of Business and Economics' Executive Development Center in Durham!
The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program is a three day “boot camp” on practical topics within corporate sustainability. Learn the “why, what, and how” of corporate social responsibility program implementation for your organization.

The program is designed for mid- to senior-level executives within small, medium or large businesses. Our experienced, recognized instructors come from a variety of fields and areas of expertise. The sessions are team-taught to maximize academic content with practical application in the field. For the current course descriptions, please click here.
The Capstone project and Stepping Stone events take place in the six months following the Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program and provide valuable opportunities to help participants integrate program learnings into their professional environment.  The Capstone project focus is designed by the participant to maximize the impact and return realized by the organization.  Mentors with expertise in the Capstone topic area are assigned to each participant to help guide the process and identify resources. Stepping Stone events expand the learning opportunities of participants by exploring additional sustainability topics and issues, as well as providing opportunities to develop a sustainability support networks.
The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Certificate  develops professionals capable of being sustainability change agents within their organizations and communities while providing the leadership to help peers be more engaged in their roles so that the organization can realize its sustainability potential.